Hello world!

Hi, I’m C. Merchant Mauk.  One day soon, I will have figured out how to operate Word Press much better than I know to at the moment, learn how to incorporate ComicPress (or find out if I even need to), and then hopefully you and I will start seeing some beautiful work here.  That is my goal. 

Until then, I can tell you a little bit about me.  I’ll start with a quirky story.  When my husband and I got engaged, I did not know his last name.  I had to ask someone else!  In fact, he had just come back from the war, was visiting friends and family in Texas, and saw me sitting across the aisle from him at church one morning.  He’d never spoken to me, but he just knew I would be his wife one day.  Four days later, he had won me over with two armfuls of flowers–orchids and tulips–and we were engaged.  He flew back to Washington State where he was stationed, and I asked a mutual friend what my new last name would be.  It’s been nearly seven years, and I am so glad he saw me when he looked across the aisle.

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